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Learn how cannabinoids react naturally within the body's many different systems. Explore our library of published clinical research.


Not sure where to start with cannabinoids, or looking for support from someone in a similar situation? Join our community! People from all over the world are here to help.


ECHO supports individuals and families that rely on cannabinoids with product donations and financial assistance. We're here to help!

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Anyone have food intolerance and malabsorption issues? I'm not quite myself avoiding gluten foods and enriching my body with a ...

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Would love to hear if anyone has used CBD to complement their chemo/radiation regimen for cancer

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Meet the ECHO Board Members!

Over the last year, we at ECHO have been committed to the question: How do we best support families seeking the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids and cannabidiol (CBD)? We knew we had to assemble an all-star team of leaders to drive our devel...

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Interested in Becoming an ECHO Sponsored Family? Here’s H...

ECHO is proud to provide assistance to special case families facing challenging health situations that can benefit from receiving cannabidiol (CBD)-based products, financial aid, or both. The amount and frequency of product donations and financial...

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Join Us at ECHO as We Celebrate Purple Day on March 26

Epilepsy Awareness Day, or “Purple Day,” is an international grassroots event designed to bring awareness to epilepsy and seizure disorders. Observed every year on March 26, Purple Day was created by 16-year old Cassidy Megan of Nova Scotia, Canad...

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Welcome to ECHO!

Recognizing that making healthcare decisions can be a daunting and sometimes arduous experience, ECHO’s mission is to create a bridge connecting those pursuing the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids or cannabidiol (CBD) with the resources, com...

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