Community Policies

ECHO was created to be a safe place to discuss issues related to health, personal challenges and cannabinoids. Help us make ECHO a beneficial place by following the community rules below:

No Hate Speech, Threatening Comments, or Abuse
Insulting individuals will not be tolerated. Comments that use obscenities, personal insults, ethnic slurs or other disparaging language will be removed.

No Adult Content
Our community is not for children, but there may be some present. Please use discretion in what you post. Examples include violent, graphic, sexual or dangerous content.

No Illegal Activity
Discussion of illegal activity will be removed, and is a personal legal risk for any community member.

No Advertising
While many cannabinoid products and companies exist, ECHO is not a place for commercial promotion or advertisement. Members are permitted to share their experiences with specific products or brands. Posting of promotional material or links to sales websites are not allowed.

Don’t represent yourself as another person, including ECHO Community Staff.
ECHO Community members may choose to use an alias if they prefer more privacy. However, you may not represent yourself as another person, or misrepresent your affiliation with ECHO.

For the good of the community, we take these rules very seriously. Those in violation of these rules will be warned or banned at the sole discretion of ECHO.